07.09.2013 - Marina (sNXYUKbdO)
liezl caraig - wow! mas naixcete ako! shucks! let me know if may sample ka na ng coffee table album ah! *blush* po-post mo pala prenup pics namin! sure! baka ma-discover kami. hahahaha! http://kekqygebea.com [url=http://cmtzpqc.com]cmtzpqc[/url] [link=http://ipsyaymux.com]ipsyaymux[/link]

01.09.2013 - Renato (WRRtjdBmM)
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01.09.2013 - Juanjo (LBu6J3bjTn4)
Tank Man was an outstanding video that oneepd my eyes to what has happened in China. I have seen the image of Tank Man multiple times but I did not know about the importance it had around the world. The fact that Tank Man stood for the freedom of the Chinese people, inspired hope around the world and was a help in overthrowing the Soviet Union. The awareness of the photographer to hide the roll of film in the toilet was brilliant on his part. It is a fair guess to say that China would be completely different if that image did not exist. The video also expanded my knowledge of the massacre in T. Square. The protests that were taking place around T. Square were amazing, and I was shocked that members of the Chinese Army and Navy joined in. Besides the Tank Man scene, the other scenes that stood out were when the protesters were feeding the Army as they tried to reach T. Square and when the Army was shooting the parents and the ambulance as they were running away. I believe that China would not be where it is today if T. Square did not happen and this economic miracle would not have happened. The e2€œdeal with the devile2€9d that was made was definitely the right move as it has launched China into a world power. The creation of a middle class and the economic boom has been great for China and a decent portion of its population. Something needs to be done for the lower class, particularly the farmers. The disparity in wealth is outrageous and I have a problem in the way that the Chinese government is treating its people. China will not be able to survive if they do not change their policies on education and healthcare, as they are currently leaving a majority of their population behind. Through many of our readings it appears that people are starting to point out the fact that the government is forgetting western China. Maybe this publicity will spark a desire to change. Finally, it is amazing to see how effective the censorship has been. I was blown away by the scene with the four current students. Only one of the students knew the image was from 1989, but still had no idea what the image represented. Today it seems that students, and most of the younger generation, are pro-government. The four in the video mostly thought that it was a government parade even further solidifying their belief in the government. http://vvxixfw.com [url=http://yygventuhf.com]yygventuhf[/url] [link=http://ioygodldjj.com]ioygodldjj[/link]

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